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What is the turn around time for ____?

Print orders that are built by customers are going to be around 3 days depending on the season and volume in lab. Print only orders built by UPI will be around 4 days. Orders with addons (anything that is not a print) is going to add 1-3 days depending on number of addons. Design work or any sort of digital manipulation will take upwards of 4 days depending on amount of work and when the customer approves the proof.

What is the shipping cost?

Prepaid orders of $90.00 or more (excluding supplies, Economy Express orders, prepay flyers and items 30" & larger) will receive free shipping via regular U.P.S. and/or U.S.P.S. ground service (provided there is no unpaid balance on account.) If the order is not prepaid, customers are responsible for shipping charges.

United Promotions, Inc. will not accept responsibility for loss or damage by shipping carrier. All claims are filed with the shipping carrier.

Is there a minimum order charge?

The cost for any job to go through the lab is $10. If a job is submitted and does not meet that $10 minimum then we have to charge a minimum order fee to recoup the cost of processing the job.

How can I submit a job for processing?

There are several methods for submitting a job. The most common methods are as follows:

Mail - We can accept images on a CD or DVD through mail/UPS. Be sure to include a runsheet (available on our website under Download Printable Forms and also available in the bad of our catalog) and something that details your package contents. If you are not ordering packages, an order form will suffice. UPI discourages submissions of jobs on flashdrives and submissions of originals. UPI cannot guarantee originals or flashdrives will return to the customer intact.

FTP - FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is going to be very similar to submitting through mail but it will be done through our website. As with mail you will need to include the images as well as a runsheet and something that details your package contents or an order form.

Lablink - Lablink is a free software that allows you to build your job (choosing the size and the crops). Because you perform the build and cropping this option can save a day of in lab time and will also be marked down 8%. Lablink is very well suited to schools and sports and allows you to create your job in an assembly line method.

ROES - Like Lablink, ROES allows you to build your own job and you get the shorter turnaround and the 8% discount. ROES is also very well suited to schools and sports but the method of building is slightly different. In Lablink you focus on the individual tasks for the whole order. In ROES your focus is on the individual subjects. There are 3 versions of the ROES software and they are made for 4 different uses. Upress is for anything in the press print department primarily things with multiple sides like cards or books. Sports ROES is going to be used for any sort of sporting event photography, static or action. UPI Volume ROES is going to be anything volume/school related. UPI QuickShip ROES is for economy express or same day ROES orders.

Photolynx FLOW - is a capture program that gives you the capability to match student images and data. It has a robust layout creator that allows you to build and print different items such as ID cards, proof sheets and order forms. Use the powerful Green Screen tools in Flow to knockout and apply your own backgrounds. When all of your images and data are matched and packages are entered, you can send your order directly to your lab.

Can I get this job rushed?

There are methods of expediting jobs when you submit them. A "RUSH" surcharge of 25% may apply.

Same Day ROES

which is a service we offer where we will be able to ship print/proof jobs in a 1 day turnaround. All you need to do is select the catalog option of Same Day ROES in the ROES software and have your job submitted before 10 am the day you need the job to ship out. There is an additional cost for this expedited service and that is detailed on the opening page to Same Day ROES and in the catalog.

Economy Express is a new service we offer. If you select Economy Express as the catalog and have a job submitted by 5 pm we can ship it the following day. Economy Express is cheaper than Same Day ROES but please be forewarned that shipping is not free, there is no individual color correction, and the order will be bulk packed.

If you have questions about either service you can give us a call.

If you've already submitted the job and you need it rushed, please call the lab. We will do everything within our means to get your job done. During our busy season it may not be possible to get the order out before the projected date but we may be able to work with you on an expedited shipping method.

What do I need to DO TO order from you?

UPI Lab is a wholesale lab and we deal directly with professional photographers. You will need to sign up for a free customer account. To do so you can go to Catalog on our website and click the link Download Printable Forms or just click the links within this text. The two forms you need to fill out are at the bottom, they are the Tax Exemption Form and the Copyright Release Form. These forms must be printed and faxed, emailed, or mailed to us once you have filled them out and signed them. If you have any questions you are welcome to call us and somebody will be able to walk you through any questions you have. Once those two forms are on file then we will assign you a customer number, it will be a 4 digit number that will be used anytime you place an order and anytime you check on an order.

What payment options do I have?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover) and money orders. If you intend to pay with a personal or business check we must have a check acceptance form on file for you. We are not set up to accept cash in any quantity. A job must be paid for at the time of shipping unless the job is going COD. Please be forewarned that COD must be paid with a money order and must be an exact amount, also free shipping will not apply and there is an additional COD fee.

Do you print flyers/envelopes?

We do offer this service for our customers. We have the option of generic flyers with your company and package information on the back or a fully custom design. You can submit a print-ready PDF of either/both sides or you can opt to have us design either side or both side for $12.50 per side. We will submit a digital proof to you for approval and once you have approved the design we will keep the design on file indefinitely. While we love hearing from our customers over the phone please note that any design work approvals and comments must be submitted through email to ensure we have a product that you are completely satisfied with.

Click here for a PDF of the template margins for our large and small pocketed envelopes.

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United Promotions, Inc., founded in 1973, is a full service volume package printing photo lab for the professional photographer.

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